Access Statement

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

• A single but generous designated car parking space is situated adjacent to the gable end with ample access to the rear and sides of the vehicle

• The parking space is within an enclosed yard to rear of the main house; access is via large double swing gates (not locked but kept closed) from the quiet public road.

• Additional parking is usually available within the yard

• The car parking area and yard are thinly graveled

• There is a slight downward slope from the car parking area to the paved area in front of the accommodation entrance

• There is a single step up to front door, 0.76m wide and 0.23m high

• There is movement activated lighting to the parking and front door area

• The owner has 7 very friendly dogs who may be loose in the yard (plus four cats). 

• Assistance can be given with suitcases etc. if required

• A sign for 'The Granary' is fixed to the double gates at the side of the main house. A further sign is attached to the wall adjacent to the front door of the accommodation.

• On driving through the double gates the car parking space is immediately opposite, on the far side of the yard

• If the owner does not come out to greet you please knock/ ring at the front door of the house and someone will be available to welcome you.

Hall and Stairs

• The entrance lobby is accessed via an inwards opening front door. It is a small lobby measuring 1.30m by 1.50m.

• The floor is laid in fossil stone which has slight surface irregularities and there is a coir doormat set into the floor.

• As you enter the lobby the lounge door is immediately opposite, with a door to the storage room to the left and a downstairs toilet to the right. All the doors are of solid oak with Suffolk latch mechanisms set at 1.35m high.

• The downstairs toilet room measures roughly 0.90m by 1.50m and contains a narrow basin set at 0.80m high. The toilet is of standard design with the seat at 0.40m high. There are no disability aids. 

• The store room measures roughly 0.80m by 1.30m. There are shelves on the far wall up to 2m in height. Controls for the alarm are situated at 1.2m high.

• Both the toilet and store room are laid in fossil stone with underfloor heating controlled by a thermostat in the store room.

• The main stairs leads directly off the kitchen and into the bedroom. The stairs are of brick and flagstone construction (part of the original building); the flagstones have irregular surface patterns in places and the steps are not entirely uniform in height or width but generally measure 0.22m high and 0.23m wide. There is a 90 degree turn part of the way up the stairs. A handrail is provided on one side.

Sitting room

• The lounge area is accessed directly from the lobby and adjoins the kitchen/dining area.

• It measures roughly 3.30m by 4.30m.

• The floors are laid with fossil stone throughout and have underfloor heating controlled by a thermostat adjacent to the light switches.

• There are large patio doors along one wall, via which the garden can be accessed. There is a single 0.23m high step up to the patio doors.

• There is a freestanding wood burning stove fitted. Materials for lighting and wood are supplied. Additional wood is available.

• There is a central dimmable chandelier style light and additional Retro style side lamp.

• A combination digital smart TV/DVD player is provided along with freeview channels.

• A selection of books, local guides and maps are provided.

• There is a generous sofa and a wooden coffee table. The sofa has a seating depth of 0.54m and a seating height of 0.43m.

• There is a mains powered audible smoke alarm.  


• The bedroom opens up directly from the top of the stairs with 1.15m high boarding along the edge of the stairwell.

• The ceiling is full height to the ridge-line with exposed timbers and slanting ceiling to a minimum height of 1.25m at the edges of the room.

• There is an audible mains powered smoke detector in the ceiling space.

• Furniture includes two bedside cabinets, a wardrobe with drawer and a chest of drawers. Suitcase stands are supplied. There are no disability aids.

• The bedroom is carpeted throughout.

• There is a king-size, wooden sleigh bed with the top of the mattress being 0.63m high.

• The duvets and pillows are synthetic (100% polyester filing) within 100% cotton quilted pillow protectors.

• Dogs are welcome at the premises but we ask guests not to allow them on the bedding/bed.

• There is a six branch dimmable crystal chandelier, bedside lamps.

• Heating is via a thermostatically controlled radiator.


• The bathroom is ensuite, accessed via a 0.74m wide door, and measuring roughly 4.30m by 4.40m.

• The door to the bathroom has a Suffolk latch mechanism and a sliding bolt at 1.35m high

• The ceiling is full height to the ridge-line with exposed timbers and slanting ceiling to a minimum height of 1.25m at the edges of the room.

• The floor is covered in ceramic tiles with a slightly uneven surface.

• There are no disability aids.

• There is a 'D' shaped shower with low level tray and outward opening door. The shower has a thermostatic mixer, fixed 'rain effect' shower head and detachable hand unit. The temperature and flow rates are controlled via separate twisting handles at 1.15m high; the lever for switching between the overhead shower and hand unit is also fixed at this height.

• There is a large copper bath measuring 1.60m long by 0.66m wide (internal measurements). It is 0.70m high at its lowest point towards the centre. The inside of the bath is lined with tin and has a flat base and steep sides. There are no access aids.

• The tap for the bath is situated to the rear of the unit and requires the user to lean over the bath.

• There is a Vitreous China hand basin set on a bespoke washstand. The sink edge is 0.82m. The tap is of monobloc design with a single lever to control flow and temperature.

• There is ample unobstructed floor space.

• The toilet is of standard construction with the seat at 0.40m high.

• There is a shaving point with integral light at 1.55m. An adjustable mirror is fixed to the wall at 1.40m.

• Heating is via a thermostatically controlled radiator.

• There is an electric towel rail which is controlled via a switch adjacent to the Radiator in the bedroom.

• There is a five branch dimmable crystal chandelier and a wall mounted double light above the bath.


• The kitchen is located on the ground floor which is accessed through the lounge area via two openings – one 0.90m wide and the other 1.25m wide.

• The kitchen measures approximately 4.50m by 4.70m.

• The ground floor is paved in fossil stone with minor surface irregularities. There is underfloor heating controlled via a thermostat adjacent to the light switches at the base of the stairs.

• Instructions can be found for all the kitchen appliances in the 'How to' book kept on the dresser in the kitchen.

• The hot water temperature is thermostatically limited to 46 degrees. We are happy to adjust this to suit your preferences.

• The tap is of monobloc design with two knobs on either side to control the water flow; the left knob controls the hot water and the right controls the cold water (marked with red and blue spots).

• The work surface and sink are 0.90 meters high. The work surface is made of wood effect laminated melamine, the sink is made of porcelain.

• Within the kitchen there is a fitted combined washer/tumble dryer, dishwasher and fridge freezer. The remaining space beneath the work surface is for the storage of crockery, cutlery and cookware etc.

• The freezer is set beneath the worktop, at the end of the run, with the fridge situated directly above it.

• There is a combined electric oven and grill with a four 'ring' glass hob and control switches set into the work surface. An extractor hood and integral light installed above the hob with controls at 1.60m.

• There are no wall mounted cupboards but there is a mounted plate rack above the sink at 1.55m high.

• There are four dimmable lights, three above the main worktop and one on a rise and fall mechanism above the dining table.

• The room has large south facing patio windows and so has plentiful natural light.

• The stairs lead directly off the kitchen; the first two steps extend approximately 0.45m into the room.

• There is a round painted pine table, 0.78m high, and 4 wooden chairs with ample room for movement on all sides.

• A feeding mat is provided for guests to place their dog bowls on. There is a box with a dog towel and blanket, feeding/water bowls. There are disposable gloves and bags to clear up after your pet.

• There is a mains powered audible heat detector.

Grounds and Gardens

• A private paved terrace and garden area are provided to the rear of the property for the guests exclusive use.

• The garden terrace can be accessed via the car parking area or through the patio doors off the lounge.

• There is a single step 0.37m wide and 0.23m high from the lounge to the terrace area.

• The terrace is paved in natural stone with minor surface irregularities.

• The garden contains raised beds surrounded by gravel paths and with an open graveled area for the rotary drier.

• Dogs may be walked on a lead in the adjacent pasture field and garden area; the ground here is uneven in places and prone to moles. Access to the field is via the double gate at the end of the car parking area.

• The garden is enclosed by a 1m tall wooden picket fence.

• There is a glass topped rattan round table and chairs and an umbrella. Assistance can be given in erecting and collapsing the umbrella.

Additional Information

• Details of the Emergency Procedure are located in the Guest Information file.

• No smoking is permitted on the premises. An ashtray is provided for the guest's use in the garden.

• The owners live and work on the premises and are happy to assist an any way they can, please feel free to approach us with any queries or requests.


Address: The Granary c/o The Manor North Street Digby Lincolnshire LN4 3LY

Telephone: Daytime/Evening: 07811108096



Grid reference: TF081552

Local public transport numbers:

Barnes Taxis, Ruskington, 01526 833863

Woodside Taxis, Sleaford, 01529 304444

Stagecoach buses, 08456 05 06 05

Local accessible taxi numbers: Handsome Cabs in Lincoln - 01522 545352


We welcome your feedback. If you have any comments please phone 07811108096 or email


Created: 25 October 2010. Updated 09 August 2016. Updated March 2019